Animal Crossing Calculator (USA)

Name: Animal Crossing Calculator (USA)
Developer(s): Nintendo
Platform(s): DSiWare, 3DS (Using CIA)
Release date(s): 4th May 2009

Do you need help determining how much you owe Tom Nook or how much money you have in your savings account? The Animal Crossing Calculator has all of the functions that you would expect from a regular calculator, such as a Memory key and the capacity to show up to 13 numbers. Additionally, it adds a layer of ambiance that is unique to Animal Crossing. Utilize the Unit Converter in order to convert one unit of measure into another (such as length, weight, volume, and age), or to keep track of the history of the calculations that you have completed.

When you press a number, you will hear it said in Animalese, and if certain conditions are met, one of your favorite Animal Crossing characters will appear on the screen. Prepare yourself for an innovative and realistic approach to experiencing the allure of Animal Crossing.

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