Art Style: BASE 10

Name: Art Style: BASE 10
Developer(s): skip Ltd.
Platform(s): DSiWare, 3DS (Using CIA)
Release date(s): July 6, 2009
Art Style: BASE 10 is a DSiWare video game made exclusively for the Nintendo DSi. The game is downloaded through the DSi’s Shop for 500 Nintendo Points. The game is a part of the Art Style series and, along with Art Style: AQUARIO, is the first to be released on a handheld (the others being released for WiiWare). The game has the player lining up numbers so that they equal 10, which will thus eliminate all numbers with the line the player-created.

Download Art Style: BASE 10 NDS

Download Art Style: BASE 10 CIA

Download Art Style: BASE 10 Title App

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