Art Style – INTERSECT (Europe, Australia) (Rev 1)

Name: Art Style – INTERSECT (Europe, Australia) (Rev 1)
Developer(s): Nintendo
Platform(s): DSiWare, 3DS (Using CIA)
Release date(s): 2nd Oct 2009

The Art Style series provides you with games that are one of a kind, intuitive to play, and have spectacular images and immersive music.

INTERSECT is a unique take on the classic puzzle genre that will test both your reflexes and your ability to concentrate. It is necessary to direct vehicles of varying colours through a crossroads such that each route is occupied solely by vehicles of the same colour. This will cause fuel to be generated, which will then be fired in order to drive the priceless Core away from the Spike that is approaching. Achieving high scores will earn you badges and may even allow you to unlock additional graphic themes and audio tracks.

You may play the game in Button Mode and control the vehicles by using the +Control Pad, or you can try Touch Mode and use the stylus. Each game has a single-player Endless mode, a mode in which the player competes against the computer’s AI, and a mode in which the player may compete against a friend utilising DS Download Play.

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