Clubhouse Games Express – Strategy Pack (USA, Australia)

Name: Clubhouse Games Express – Strategy Pack (USA, Australia)
Developer(s): Nintendo
Platform(s): DSiWare, 3DS (Using CIA)
Release date(s): 21st Sep 2009

This version of the famous Clubhouse Games is available on Nintendo DSiWare, and it has five games that focus on strategy. You should be ready for a lesson in strategy as you play through these games.

Play the time-honored board game Backgammon against a rival, infiltrate the stronghold of an adversary in Field Tactics, trap your rival’s pieces between two of your own in Turncoat, string together five in a row in Connect Five, and use your wits to figure out where on the board to attack your rival’s pieces in Grid Attack. You may play by yourself, or you can utilize the DS Download Play feature to host up to seven of your friends.

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