MySims Camera (USA)

Name: MySims Camera (USA)
Developer(s): Nintendo
Platform(s): DSiWare, 3DS (Using CIA)
Release date(s): 21st Sep 2009

MySims Camera is an application for the Nintendo DSi camera that makes use of well-known characters from the MySims video game series. It is possible to bring 3D MySims characters into the real world by taking photos and superimposing them with the character’s face. The 3D characters are capable of being animated, repositioned, resized, rotated, and cropped.

In order to add even more art and flair to the photos, you can also use the stylus to draw on them, or you can use the stamp tool. You can impress your friends by designing a one-of-a-kind frame for each photo you save to the photo album on your Nintendo DSi. You can turn taking pictures with your MySims into an enjoyable and creative activity for the whole family to enjoy with the help of the MySims Camera.

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