Viking Invasion (USA)

Name: Viking Invasion (USA)
Developer(s): Nintendo
Platform(s): DSiWare, 3DS (Using CIA)
Release date(s): 2nd Nov 2009

Your Nintendo DSi is about to be inundated with the hilarious horde that Olaf the Viking has amassed. They are coming from the north.

The Viking drakkars are currently making their way up the rivers to your castles, and it is up to you to construct fortifications so that they are unable to plunder everything you own in the process. Be careful though, because the more you try to defend yourself, the more waves of Vikings will come at you. The good news is that the more experience you gain, the easier it will be for you to construct even more robust defences. Defeat all of your adversary’s ruses and gain access to new types of buildings by doing so.

Are you up to the challenge of stopping Olaf from robbing you of all your valuables so that he can give them to his girlfriend Olga?

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